Brewing grain substitution chart

Find the grain your recipe asks for in the list, hover over it with your mouse and find the replacement same row. There will be slight variations between manufacturers.
Briess Pauls Muntons Fawcett Weyerman Baird Weissheimer DWC MFB
2-Row Pale Pilsen Lager Lager Pilsner, Premium Pilsner Pilsen Pilsen Pilsen
Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale Maris Otter, Halcyon, Optic,
Pearl, Golden Promise
Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale
Stout Malt Halcyon
Ashburne Mild Ale Mild Ale Vienna Vienna Sp. Aromatic
Bonlander Munich Munich I Munich Munich Munich
Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna
Munich 10 Munich Munich II Munich Munich Dark Munich
Dextrine CaraPils
Victory Amber Amber Melanoidin Biscuit, Aromatic Kiln Amber
Crystal 10 Caramalt Carapils CaraMalt CaraHell / (CaraBelge) Light Carastan Light Caramel Carapils Caramel Pilsen
Crystal 20 CaraRed CaraVienne Caramel Vienna
Crystal 30 Pale Crystal Malt CaraMunich I, CaraAmber Carastan Caramel Amber
Crystal 40 Light Crystal Crystal Malt (40 – 50) CaraMunich II Carastan Medium Caramel Caramel Munich 40
Crystal 60 Medium Crystal Crystal Malt II (60 – 70) CaraMunich III Dark Caramel Caramunich Caramel Munich 60
Crystal 80 Dark Crystal Dark Crystal (85 – 95) Crystal Malt Dark Caramunich Caramel Munich 80
Crystal 90 Dark Crystal
Crystal 120 Dark Crystal Dark Crystal II (118 -124) CaraAroma, Special W Dark Crystal Special B Caramel Munich 120
CaraAroma Dark Crystal  
Special Roast Brown Malt Brown Malt Kiln Amber
Extra Special Kiln Coffee
Pale Chocolate Carafa (Special) I
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Carafa (Special) II Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
Black Patent Black Malt Black Patent Black Malt Carafa (Special) III Black Malt Roasted Malt Black Malt Kiln Black
Roasted Barley Roasted Barley Roasted Barley Roasted Barley Roasted Barley Roasted Barley Black Barley  
Roasted Wheat Chocolate Wheat Roasted Wheat Roasted Wheat
Wheat Wheat Wheat   Wheat Wheat Wheat
Dark Wheat Dark Wheat
Crystal Wheat Carawheat Caramel Wheat
Roasted Rye Roasted Rye
Rye Malt Rye Malt Rye Malt
Caramel Rye Malt
Oat Malt
Acidulated Malt Acid Malt
Peated Malt Smoked Malt
Crystal malt can be substituted with a slightly paler or darker version if your homebrew store doesn't carry the exact color. Don't be afraid to make substitutes.
Content ripped from kotmf and updated and prettified.