• FOB - Foam On Beer

Notað þar sem bjór þarf að ferðast langar leiðir (marga metra) áður en hann nær að krönum. Td á börum o.fl.

Foam on Beer detectors – F.O.B  is a small device that results in big savings. FOB shuts off beer flow immediately after the keg goes empty but keeps the beer line full of beer. So when you tap in a new keg, no beer is wasted as foam at all.

One of the major benefits aka Beer benefit of using a Beer Foam Detector / Beer benefit as it keeps the line full of ber at all times hence Inhibiting bacterial and beer stone growth.

  • Made from Food Grade Plastic
  • Much greater savings is seen at installations with longer than average supply lines like Stadiums, Airports, and Hotels.
  • It Reduces the amount of CO2 or Beer Gas used because it no longer fills the supply line that can escape out of the tap.

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FOB - Foam On Beer

  • Vörunúmer: C786
  • Framboð: Á Lager
  • 13.000kr