• Intertap growler stútur
Stútur sem hentar t.d. til að fylla á growlera eða flöskur. Skrúfast framan á intertap krana. Both the Intertap PC and Intertap SS can be turned into an Growler Filler with the use of this spout. The Growler FIller Spout has a 13mm barb which you can attach some hose so you can fill your growler from the bottom up to minimise foaming. Simply un-screw the regular nozzle and screw on the Growler Filler Spout with hose attached and use as you would a growler filler tap. Note: This item is the Growler Filler Spout only (does not include tap) to make a complete unit you will also need to purchase a tap, tap handle and a shank, links for these are below.

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Intertap growler stútur

  • Vörunúmer: itgrow
  • Framboð: Ekki á lager
  • 900kr