• American Barleywine: Big Bad BeeDub

Winner of 2016 Fágun homebrew competition - Iceland's best homebrewed beer 2016!

A nice, 11% American Barleywine recipe I have brewed a couple of times and is absolutely fantastic.

OG: 1.099

ABV: 11.2%

Bitterness: 80 IBU

Color: 15.6 SRM


8.47kg Pale Ale

0.51kg CaraHell

0.34kg Special W

0.06kg CaraAroma

0.45kg Sugar - Not included, just use normal sugar.


75gr Columbus @60m

25gr Columbus @0m

50gr Columbus @Dry Hop (optional, not included in price)


2x US-05 - Make sure to rehydrate the yeast!

This is a high alcohol beer with a lot of grains. Make sure you know what you're doing, as keeping efficiency up and fitting everything in your mash tun can be troublesome in some cases.

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American Barleywine: Big Bad BeeDub

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  • Vörunúmer: beedub
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  • 6.600kr