• IPA: Bell's Two Hearted IPA

Beersmithrecipes.com most popular recipe. I've sold a lot of this recipe in the past, so I feel like it's earned its place here on the website.

OG: 1.068

ABV: 6.8%

Bitterness: 60 IBU

Color: 6.6 SRM


4.75kg Maris Otter

0.89kg Vienna

0.20kg CaraPils

0.20kg CaraRed


19gr Centennial @60m

12gr Centennial @45m

12gr Centennial @30m

19gr Centennial @15m

12gr Centennial @0m

25gr Centennial @Dry Hop

25gr Cascade @Dry Hop


US-05 Yeast - Or Wyeast 1450, which is commonly in stock and costs 950kr extra.


5.95kg grains

99gr Centennial

25gr Cascade

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IPA: Bell's Two Hearted IPA

  • Merki: Brew.is
  • Vörunúmer: 2h
  • Framboð: Á Lager
  • 5.800kr