NOTE: THE BREWPI SPARK CAN ONLY BE USED FOR FERMENTATION CONTROL AT THIS TIME. We are currently working on mash control and will release a firmware update for this in the near future.

The DIY version of the BrewPi Spark comes without a case, so you can mount it in your own box or panel. M3 bolts are included for that.

The BrewPi Spark v2 is powered by a Particle Photon, a 120 Mhz ARM Cortex M3 development board with WiFi. If you already bought one from Spark, you can opt to exclude it here. But if you do buy your Photon from us, we will program it with the latest version of the firmware, so you can later just update from the BrewPi web interface.


The BrewPi Spark has 4 multipurpose RJ12 connectors, which can be used to plug in temperature sensors and other expansion boards. All communication on this connector is address based, which means you can connect more than 4 devices with a splitter. All our expansion boards have such a splitter on board.

The BrewPi Spark v2 has 4 digital outputs which can drive SSRs to switch heating elements or a fridge or freezer.

You can power the BrewPi Spark in two ways:

  • Via the Photon's micro USB connector
  • Via the 12V input, for which we sell power supplies here

Powering via the 12V input is only needed if you want to power 12V devices via the RJ12 sockets, for example for motorized ball valves.


The BrewPi Spark is built with high quality components and it is assembled in the Netherlands. It has been CE-tested and and every device is functionally tested before it is shipped.

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BrewPi Spark

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  • Framboð: 2 - 3 Days
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