• Brew Monk Counterflow Kælir

The Brew Monk Counterflow Chiller cools your wort in no time!Inside the counterflow chiller, the wort flows in the opposite direction of the cooling water, allowing for optimal heat exchange. Thanks to the heat exchange efficiency, your wort is quickly cooled and can be pumped directly to your fermenter. As a result, you use much less water and you speed up the cooling process. This rapid cooling provides a sanitary transfer, as your wort is less exposed to bacteria.

The maintenance-friendly counterflow chiller does not rust and can easily be cleaned by flushing the system with sanitizer. The chiller is easy to connect with the 13 mm hose barbs for the wort and the Gardena hose couplings for the cooling water.

  • Cools 20 l of wort to 20 °C in 5 minutes
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304
  • Total length: 9.5 m
  • 13 mm hose barbs for wort
  • Gardena garden hose connectors for cooling water
  • Fast cooling: less water needed, reduces risk of infections
  • Easy to connect

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Brew Monk Counterflow Kælir

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  • 32.000kr