• 32L 304 ryðfrír gerjunartankur

This top value fermenter is made from 304 grade stainless steel.  The welding is smooth and the outer body is passivated to provide that matte stainless look. The exact same method how the KegLand 19L Brand New Stainless Steel kegs are produced. Now with the added 1" angled dump valve!.

The base inside this unit is a domed / cone shape so its really easy to clean while the rotating rack arm enables you to drain out every last drop.

This unit also includes a thermowell on the front.  This unit comes with a digital thermometer (batteries not included) as shown in photos however the thermowell will also take various other thermometers such as the probe on our MKII temp controler box.

Dimensions 650mm diameter, 760mm height (840mm with included extensions)

Straight out of the box instructions:

  1. Assemble the Thermometer and Rotating Racking Arm to the Body of the Fermenter
  2. Fill up your BrewBucket with around 5 to 10L of hot to warm water.
  3. Add a scoop of Star san and mix around with a spoon or with your hand wearing protective brew gloves. This will help remove any machining oil that is still on the surface of the fermenter. Open up the rotating racking arm to clean as well.
  4. Tip out the Star san and Water mix, then fill with the same amount of water at the same temperature and wash out the remaining StellarClean.
  5. Dry and store before use.
  6. Before your first batch, use 1 to 2L of Water with 1.5mL to 3.0mL of StellarSan and swish that around to get it nice and foamy touching all the insides, the rotating racking arm, the top bung and airlock. It is now ready for its first ferment! It's good to use a little bit of sanitiser or ethyl kill sanitiser in your airlock incase the water goes stagnant and sucks back in infecting your brew.

TIP: It's always best to sanitise right before you use the vessel, sanitising then leaving it to store doesn't mean its sanitised in storage necessarily. Best to do it before you want to fill it.

Some minor manufacturing scratches may be present but will not affect performance whatsoever.

Please note: This unit cannot be used under pressure. If you decide to go against the manufacturing guidelines you will void the warranty.

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32L 304 ryðfrír gerjunartankur

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