• Grain Gorilla Pro 3 kefla mylla

Step up your milling game with the 3 roll Grain Gorilla Pro. Bigger, better, beastlier than ever. Mill up to 100 kg/h. The 3 rolls will shred your grain apart for maximum efficiency.

Adjustable rollers

More accurate and easily readable roller gap measurement

Mill stays in place during grinding

Wet milling possible

High capacity: up to 100 kg/h

This professional malt mill has no less than 3 rollers, allowing you to crush your malt exactly as coarse or fine as you wish. Thanks to the handy knobs on the side, you can adjust the mill thickness easily, instantly and precisely. On the back of the malt mill the 2 black turnbuckles guarantee that the settings of the malt mill remain the same during the crushing.

The hopper and body of the malt mill are manufactured from high-quality aluminium, which makes the malt mill extremely strong. The large 8-litre hopper means you do not have to refill it continuously. The mill's wide roller allows you to grind up to 100 kg of malt per hour when grinding manually. The knurled steel bottom plate of the malt mill provides the necessary stability and ensures that the malt mill can easily be attached to a collection tray. Together with the protective grill above the rollers, this enables safe and efficient milling at all times.

Adjustable rollers: Choose your ideal grist size with the handy side knobs; roller gap adjustable from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm (0.025” to 0.1”)

More accurate and easily readable roller gap measurement in both mm and inches

Unique, sturdy and above all very practical metal base allows for easy positioning and clamping of the malt mill onto nearly any container up to 35 cm in diameter

Equipped with stainless steel rollers = wet milling possible

High capacity thanks to the special knurled plate; up to 100 kg/hour

Generous hopper: 8 l

Shaft diameter: 10 mm

Hexagonal end on shaft for connection to drill

Roller dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 15.0 cm

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Grain Gorilla Pro 3 kefla mylla

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