• Þrýstijafnari - Kegland MK4

CO2 þrýstijafnari sem passar á EU og US gaskúta.

CO2 and mixed CO2+N2 - MK4 Dual Gauge Multi Gas Regulator

This is the regulator with the Type 30 for Carbon Dioxide and also Carbon Dioxide+Nitrogen mixed gasses.  With a large body and precision diaphragm, this regulator provides high flow rates and very accurate adjustments in both psi and kpa. 

New and Improved Features

* Stronger Steel Gauges made from thicker steel

* Triple scale gauges in kPa, Bar and PSI

* New Colour Coded PRV valves.  As many customers are using pressurisable fermenters such as the KegMenters and Fermentasaurus  units this is an important safety feature to make sure lower pressure relief valves are used for some appilcations.  Also being colour coded it's easy to identify which prv is fitted.

* New Gauge Guard Available (sold separately)

* New M6 Mounting Holes for easy Mounting

This regulator can be used for a wide range of gasses but for other gas types a different Nut and Stem Is required.  Out of the box this regulator will be suitable for Carbon Dioxide (CO2 and CO2+Nitrogen Mixed Gasses).  However if you want to purchase this regulator for other gas types you can interchange the nut and stem with either a Type 10 or Type 50 as as shown below:

Type 10 Nut & Stem :  Helium, Argon, Oxygen

Type 50 Nut & Stem : Nitrogen

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Þrýstijafnari - Kegland MK4

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