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Unlike many other jocky box kit this particular jocky box comes with a premium grade cooler.  This is a rotomoulded cooler that has PU high density insulation capable of holding ice in the esky for many days.

The cold plate with this unit is the new high thermal conductivity aluminium casting and the taps, shanks and other parts are made from stainless steel.

Often other jockey box/cold plate systems are made with stainless coils.  These will be cheaper to manufactuer but the cast aluminium cold plate has a large thermal mass that acts like a big heat sink and aids the transfer of heat more effectively.  The other benefit of the cast aluminium cold plates is that they are compact and give you more free space in the esky so you can stack other drinks into the esky as well above the cold plate.

So if you are looking for a commercial grade jockey box kit that will last a lifetime this is what you need.

Here's an excellent video explaining the setup

These jockey box kits include:
  • 1 x Rotomoulded and High Density PU Foam Insulated Cooler/Esky
  • 1 x Cast Aluminium Cold Plate (2 x Product)
  • 2 x Intertap SS Taps
  • 2 x Stainless Long Shanks with Duotight fittings
  • 2 x Black Plastic Tap Handle (Long Slender Type)
  • 4 x Duotight 8mm Elbow Pieces
  • 1 x 5mm x 8mm EVABarrier Beer Line
  • 4 x Duotight 8mm x FFL Fitting to make it easy to fit and remove the beer line if needs be
The cooler/esky already has all the holes pre-drilled for your convenience.  All you have to do is push the hoses together and tight up a couple nuts and you will be pouring in no time.
NOTE: You need to purchase kegs and couplings separately.
1. Attach your kegs to the beer linlet hoses on the jockey box.  Purge the cold plate with beer.  It's important to fill the cold plate lines with beer FIRST.  If you have water in the lines and then put very cold ice on the cold plate the water will freeze in the lines preventing liquid from flowing through.  So make sure you have beer line the lines first as full strength beer freezes at 4C lower than water.
2. Fill the cooler/esky with ice.  ICE MUST BE IN CONTACT with the aluminium cold plate for best performance.  In order to ensure you have ice in contact with the cast aluminium make sure to leave the drain on the esky open so the water can drain out.  If you leave water in the esky the ice will eventually float in the water and not be in contact with the cold plate.
3. Set the regulator at approximately 30psi.  This high pressure is needed to push the beer through the cold plate that has considerable line resistance. 
NOTE: If your kegs are cold and you are using CO2 to dispence please be aware that extended time at this elevated pressure might cause the beer to overcarbonate.  If your kegs are ambient temp then this should not be an issue as the CO2 will not easily dissolve into warm beer.  If however you have cold kegs and dispensing at elivated pressures then you might want to consider dispensing with either straight nitrogen or CO2 and Nitrogen mixed gas.  Alternatively if you are only dispensing at elivated pressures for a few hours this is not normally long enough to overcarbonate the beer either.

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Kælibox með krönum - Jockey box

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