• Icemaster G20 Glycol / Bjór kælir

The Icemaster G20 is an efficient glycol chiller that has fantastic cooling performance. It's compact, quiet and ideal for a domestic environment.  It is powerful enough to chill well-insulated fermenters up to 300L in size or multiple smaller fermenters.  It has about 600-watt cooling power making it suitable for crash chilling even in hot ambient temperatures in your garage or brewery. 

To get the most out of this unit we recommend the use of Propylene Glycol (ideally about 30% concentration).  

If you are looking for a larger chiller we do also sell the Icemaster G40 unit.


Refrigerant: r600a isobutane

Cooling Power: 600watts (0.8HP)

Power Consumption: 155w

Tank: 16.42L 

Max Head (per pump): 5meter

Max Flow (per pump): 600L/Hr

Output Barb Size: To suit 10mm ID tube

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Icemaster G20 Glycol / Bjór kælir

  • Vörunúmer: KL16049
  • Framboð: Á Lager
  • 100.000kr