• Low Profile lok á mini kúta
This Low Profile Ball Lock Tapping Head Assembly has been designed to suit standard Stainless Steel Mini Kegs such as the following:

    KL06347 - Mini Keg 2L (Stainless Growler)
    KL06354 - Mini Keg 4L
    KL06361 - Mini Keg 5L
    KL06378 - Mini Keg 8L
    KL06385 - Mini Keg 10L

This particular tapping head kit comes included with 2.5bar pressure relief valve, liquid and gas ball lock posts and dip tube with filter.

The plastic carbonation caps used in the tapping head can withstand a wide range of chemicals used in the brewing industry and relatively high temperatures (over 100C). The Tapping Head itself is made from Stainless Steel so will withstand harsh conditions.

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Low Profile lok á mini kúta

  • Vörunúmer: KL24822
  • Framboð: Ekki á lager
  • 4.500kr