• Kegland RAPT gerjunarskápur
This fermentation chamber has been designed to heat and cool your entire fermenter.  This is the ideal scenario as the whole fermentation vessel is placed in a temperature controlled environment which gives you the most even temperature and most precise control of your fermenter.
From -2°C up to 50°C all at the touch of your fingertips!

NEW Stainless Steel Fan Shroud and Kicker Plate.

The control panel comes complete with an integrated colour TFT screen, Spunding Valve and CO2 gas integration. Example combination Inline Regulator with an integrated gauge and a Gauge integrated BlowTie unit to the other side to regulate residual pressure in your fermenter. The 4 button colour display conveniently shows a log of historic temperature graphs, allows you to start, set/stop temperature profiles and gives you access to other critical information for that particular fermentation.
For more accurate readings of the core temperature of your fermenter. We highly recommend using a thermowell like our 60cm duotight thermowell with the 2m probe extension for the RAPT Fermentation Chamber.

RAPT Fermentation Chambers are designed to have tight integration via Bluetooth with the RAPT Pill Hydrometer & Thermometers.

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Kegland RAPT gerjunarskápur

  • Vörunúmer: KL15813
  • Framboð: Ekki á lager
  • 140.000kr