• Inkbird IHT-200 rakastýring

IHC-200 er "plug and play" rakastýring sem er hægt að nota í svepparækt, herbergi, gæludýrabúr og ýmiskonar aðstæðum þar sem þarf að stýra rakastigi.

Switch modes automatically: IHC-200 supports humidification and dehumidification modes and switches between the two modes automatically, easy and convenient for humidity controlling and monitoring.

Alarms for safer: the alarm of IHC-200 will be triggered once the detected humidity exceeds the set values or its limit value or once the sensor occurs faulty performance. It will be much safer and more efficient for application contexts.

Range and accuracy: its humidity measuring range is 5~99.99%RH with its control range of 5~99%RH and its accuracy of ±3%RH.

Humidity calibration: IHC-200 supports humidity calibration for more accurate measurement and controlling based on our practical application contexts.

Delay protection: it is equipped with delay protection for its control output which can offer more protection for the device and the monitored objects as well.

Humidity query: IHC-200 offers current humidity query and we can have real time humidity monitoring and controlling and do be better for our monitored objects.

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Inkbird IHT-200 rakastýring

  • Vörunúmer: IHC-200
  • Framboð: Á Lager
  • 8.300kr